Cloud DVR is better than a box

Cloud PVR has many advantages over box based PVR. The nscreemmedia article below mentions these:

  • Cloud storage does not break – so no loss of customer at that point.
  • Easy upgrade of features
  • Try before you buy marketing
  • Lower storage cost (especially if joint copies are permitted)

There are a few that may be even more important that seem to have been overlooked:

  • Smartphone programming while box is off
  • In-hone streaming (only the latest greatest in-home PVRs can transcode and decently stream over modest wifi)
  • Deployable on all basic boxes (no need to swap boxes)
  • Content search/navigation integration with other on-demand content services (catchup TV, replay-TV, SVOD etc)


Source: Four reasons cloud DVR is better than a box – nScreenMedia