Video codec with 2x the performance of HEVC?

A private company from the UK called V-nova claims to have developed a new codec called PERSEUS that is at least twice as efficient as HEVC. It is licensing the codec, similarly as with other codecs. The article from Videonet provides more information.

v-nova-logo-blue.1781268It will take some time to verify if the claims hold up; the first demo’s are quite convincing. Keep in mind HEVC compression today is not mature yet: there is a lot of improvement possible. So a side by side comparison now is not a “full story”. Nevertheless: if the codec performs significantly better today than HEVC will do in the foreseable future it may make serious impact in the industry. A factor 2 bandwidth gain is worth billions in the fast growing OTT industry for example.

An intrinsic property of the codec is that it seems to be “hierarchical”; a property often aspired to but never deployed. Practical value is low – the bold statement and comparisons presented from the hierarchical advantage perspective by V-Nova degrade confidence.

Stealth compression company claims mind-blowing performance gains | VideoNet.

Update: April 10, 2015

V-net has gathered opinions from the industry. Key issues for PERSEUS to overcome:

  1. Proving the claim of 2x+ compression gain holds up under a broad set of content inputs and compression rates
  2. Gaining traction with consumer decoder silicon manufacturers in firmware/hardware.
  3. Ensure the third party patent situation is clarified: the compression field is littered with patents; lawsuits may come to V-Nova and their customers if PERSEUS implementations violate those patents.

In view of the problems of (2) and (3) broad consumer product implementation will take quite a while even if the compression rates prove to be robust.

Here is new the Videonet article link.