MHL 3.0: UHDTV from mobile to big screen

In the near future you will be able to display UHDTV from your mobile to your ultra big HD screen with a MHL3.0 cable. The specification will be released early september on the MHL tech website. Not the typical application most of us had in mind for our mobile, but with the insane resolutions of the small screens today and the possibly increasing role of the second screen for navigating content and being the source for the big screen this may make sense after all. May that wire reach all the way  to the couch: i.e. probably an every day TV viewing alternative. This comes on top of all of the wireless alternatives.

Note MHL also competes with MyDP (a DisplayPort derivative), which has much less market support so far. But also MHL support on mobile devives is still very modest.

MHL Consortium press release.