TV App equality

Should regular TV be just an App? Netflix is rightfully interested to give users a good experience with it’s service on the platforms supporting it. It has started a campaign to promote good implementations. Ultimately the ambition of the OTT service provider may be to be at an equal level to regular broadcast services in the navigation paradigm of the UI: Cable TV as an App.

netflix-recommended-tvIt is a testimony that the OTT industry is growing up and needs to be taken more seriously. No longer should it have its place in the curiosity corner of a new TV’s UI but it should become part of the mainstream navigation and viewing experience of TVs and other access devices.

The obvious lack of standards in this space is not helpful, but on the other hand, the industry is still moving as such a frantic pace that standards may not help yet. There are some efforts though, e.g.. HbbTV and (smaller scope) the Encrypted Media Extensions in W3C (controversial: see o.a. EFF’s opinion).