The trouble with CE Connected TV

Videonet has published a fairly stimulating “Editor opinion” which poses that the TV industry is loosing the battle with its present connected TV approach. Various figures show enormous popularity of various online TV services on mobile and tablet platforms, rising popularity of (also online) PayTV, and online FTA broadcaster initiatives. Development of applications for connected TV is fragmented and the replacement cycle for TVs is still not very fast.

Some critique is in place however: live streaming of channels is not available on 2nd screen devices. So the craving for content on 2nd screens is now filled with the available online initiatives – sort of explaining the skewed figures. And more from a distance: is the large screen really under threat? For the 2nd and 3rd TV in the home it is, but hardly for the first screen. And that is getting bigger and bigger. Nevertheless, maybe in 2 years from now many of us watch online stuff from our tablet streamed wirelessly with Miracast onto that big screen; and the TV becomes a monitor again. And all of us will say that Mr. Schmidt from Google was a true visionary.

The TV industry has chosen to compete rather than to collaborate in the connected TV space. This has probably accelerated the initial development, but now the downside of that choice is starting to be felt.

Editor’s view: The trouble with CE Connected TV | Videonet.