Smaller content owners could go direct using OTT

Interesting article on Videonet about an IHS study that shows that smaller content owners could go direct (via OTT) to the customer rather than via a (PayTV) network operator, especially in smaller markets.

Videonet makes the sobering remark that seperate subscriptions become messy: i.e. that is a role for the “super operator”. Also there is value lost in disaggregation for the user: in a larger bundle the user can comfortably try, pick and choose, discover and switch, whereas he would need to make rather preselected single minded choices with separate subscriptions. Also bundles can have something for everyones taste in the family. For me personally that is a much stronger killer argument for bundles than the administriative headache of multiple subsciptions (I would not have more than 3 anyway).

So though OTT seems to move power away from network operators, super operators or aggregators, however you want to call them, it is non trivial to bypass them.

Smaller pay content owners could lead Pay TV breakaways | Videonet.