NowTV box for 10, Chromecast for 30, SamsungBox for 150

What are we not getting here: a NowTV box for 10 pounds (plus 8 pounds/month subscription), Chromecast for 30 pounds (no strings attached) and Samsung’s latest internet player box for $150 – mostly Samsung store, netflix and hulu content. It indeed does not add up: the first two are heavily pushed by their platform proponents, and bring great deals to the consumer as all of them try to gain a piece of the new online TV market – but with great fixed fee per month offers. The last one does not seem to be good at anything: it is expensive and offers access to expensive PPV content unless you take a subscription anyway. CE companies could never flourish in the settop box market since they could not deal across content and hardware: seems that is still the case, even though Samsung is offering some content now – but not on a subscription model, which is seriously flawed.


Samsung Smart Media Player | Advanced Television.