Net-Neutrality Advocates Angered by FCC’s Plans

Net neutrality is practically gone, not only in Europe (where the worst problems of Kroes’ proposal were corrected by the EU parliament, but also in the USA where strong net neutrality rules have helped create an enormous industry that is changing the world. Now the people that move the bits will rule in the end. Ten years from now the full impact will be visible though no one will see it since the alternative will simply not there to compare against. It is a huge victory for the big telco/cable lobbyists. What will it mean for regular people: less choice, higher prices, slower (yes slower) internet speeds – the one thing that operators claim they need the money for from other businesses which they will now gradually absorb. Simply because innovation speed will grid to a halt, and not just slowly.

Netflix being forced into a deal with Comcast, UPC Netherlands effectively blocking Skype (on a 100Mbit/6Mbit line). That’s where we are heading.

Net-Neutrality Advocates Angered by FCC’s Planned New Rules |