Magine: new age full service OTT operator

Nice story on Videonet about a front runner in making OTT TV truly mainstream (including live channels): Magine. They are working with the mainstream channels (very much like any conventional operator) to bring a full package of channels under one navigation interface to the user: using OTT technology. The aggregation of multiple channels is crucial: customers do not want nightmarish diverse navigation. The app is already on all smart TVs and supports PCs, smart phones and tablets (clearly apple, still to come android – test versions seem to be available). It is also again clear smart TV makers cannot take this type of role: it requires a bvery clear business focus on aggregation and requires cross-TV-platform operation as well as direct streaming support to other types of devices – something TV manufacturers seldomly aspire to.


Videonet link: Magine is an example of what pure Cloud TV looks like | Videonet.

The Magine website link.