DVR and OTT trends in USA soar

Facts from the USA:TV_on_demand

  • 62% of homes in USA have PVR, up from 41% five years ago.
  • 76% of homes have PVR or use VOD
  • 36% of payTV subs have Netflix
  • 46% on non payTV subs have Netflix
  • 36% of Netflix subs use it daily (was 10% 4 years ago)
  • 72% of Netflix subs use it weekly (was 43% 4 years ago)
  • 59% of cable subs have used cable VOD (was 46% 5 years ago)

Things move, a bit slowly but undeliably.

Mediapost on this research

DVR Service Soars In U.S. 01/05/2015.

Press release from Leichtman Research