Android TV details revealed

GoogleTV was a flop, as big an implosion as one gets in this industry. Schmidt then announced TV was dead. Then TV makers like TPVision make Android TVs and Chromecast is a hit. Now, according to “the Verge” that claims to have a secret document in hands, Google will try to get back with a TV style experience approach. Focused on entertainment. And of course the UI will be intuitive and help you find the content you want from various content sources (will these happily collaborate; we’ll see).

Not exactly sure how this is positioned: as competition to TV makers own UIs (big brands will not accept this), as competition to PayTV operators UIs (they will entertain endless discussions and never permit their services to get “dis-aggregated” by Google’s UI), or as competition to Amazon Fire TV, competing with Tivo and Roku and Apple TV. Let’s wait and see.

Exclusive: this is Android TV | The Verge.