Network DVR trends

Somewhat vague Videonet article pointing to the highly influential direction of Network PVR as a key function where operators can add value in the chain. Key added values of nPVR mentioned are:

  • Reduced CPE cost (yawn)
  • No CPE: STB “in the cloud” (better thinking)
  • Watch on any device (yes please)
  • Mix with catchup and VOD (good, but more a UI issue)

Key obstacle is and remains the rights situation, though the broad industry push may help get that resolved over the coming years; with some added value back to the content owner (presumably  this will cause a value shift towards higher value content). Of course the content owners will want more money, it will simply mean they will sell less low value content.

More network DVR, more cloud, and still more CPE? | Videonet

More network DVR, more cloud, and still more CPE? | Videonet.

And here is another modest quality article on the same topic:

Cloud PVR spreads over Europe

Note that cloud PVR is used by KPN in the Netherlands on a large scale on their IPTV network where it has the added advantage of resolving the bottleneck of modest quality ADSL lines, and Ziggo (Dutch cable operator) is also deploying this now.