Bhaalu has to stop cloud PVR

Cloud PVR remains a tricky topic. Belgium courts had twice ruled in favour of Baahu, a cloud PVR service apparatently receiving its signal from the M7 satellite. Now another court has decided to kill the company by ordering it to stop within a month. The lawsuit was filed by the original broadcasters (free to air public and commercial).


Bhaalu allows users to select programs to record and streams to mobiles, PCs and TVs via an HDMI stick or a Bhaalu box.

In the two previous lawsuits it was deemed that Bhaalu is a product and not a service. This may be awkward as commercial FTA TV in Belgium is never unscrambled; so how could the signal be legally acquired. The court has ruled an illegal copy is made permitting 3’rd parties to breach copyrights (guess that’s the end user). That seems to contradict the view that Bhaalu is a product. Some more in-depth analysis is still sought.

There may be an appeal since this was not a higher court ruling.

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The actual verdict: