Virgin Media clocks up 10th Rovi win

It must make business sense for Rovi to keep going with court cases against Virgin and loose them, invalidating its own patents along the way. 10 times: it is almost ridiculous. Maybe it is the savings on patent fees (which cost more and more as patents mature) which is making these court cases pay for themselves for Rovi. But there are probably cheaper ways to pay less patent maintenance fees. So what might it be….

Is it conceivable that Rovi’s very significant license income would be at serious risk if they admitted loss? Since then every TD&H operator and CE manufacturer might just ignore the license fee claims and just let the court cases come.

It is amazing how many Rovi patents have been found to be invalid. Maybe having a somewhat more rigorous assignment procedure for patents would be a good idea.

Virgin Media clocks up 10th Rovi win.