Rovi loses yet another patent case

Rovi lost cases in the past against Ziggo and Virgin cable. It tried again with another lawsuit which it it now has lost again. The details of the verdict are interesting in the sense of getting a glimpse on the typical subtleties in patent cases.

Rovi has been permitted to refine it’s main patent claim (probably on grounds the original was too wide). Ziggo has argued that the new claim does not apply to it’s EPG; since it requires a (technical) integration between the favourite list and the EPG, where the favourite list is composed/adapted in the EPG. The court agrees with Ziggo that it’s product merely permits to constrain the EPG to favourite channels, i.e. does not violate the Rovi patent claim.

Court verdit (in Dutch only).

BroadbandTVNews: Dutch court rules Ziggo does not infringe Rovi patent.