France opens 700MHz consultation

So the discussion begins in France on the future of DTT. Will it be squeezed another 100MHz (the 700MHz band this time), or will there be a UHD HDR-bright future ahead like the HD-forum is suggesting. MPEG-2 will most likely die: there is an acceptable legacy fallout of some (cheap) settop boxes; most newer iDTVs all have HD MPEG4 decoders on board through a foresightful mandate.

The author has had a long debate with some industry veterans on the topic on Linkedin, arguing that the era of DTT has passed, and that wired IP should take over the role of base medium for TV distribution, allowing society to poor all its money into one such network. Some were not convinced; and it has to be stated that this industry is very conservative and slow to change for not always clear but undeniable reasons.


France opens 700MHz consultation | Advanced Television.