EC opens public consultation on UHF band

The UHF band is a key band for expanding mobile internet services in the future. It is used today in many countries for DTT services. The question is: how / when to migrate the services. The EU has opened a consultation on the topic.

The provision of a free TV medium may be important in many countries. But providing BB internet services to all homes may be more important these days. It is a reasonable hypothesis that the internet could carry basic TV services for free by 2020/2022 in most countries, certainly in western Europe. Would that be a basis for shutting down DTT? Is there a case for a LTE / 5G compatible broadcast mode for mobile reception that can also provide basic TV distribution for stationary purposes.

These are very interesting times. Hopefully the EBU will do some serious soul searching on more forward looking strategies to the occupation of spectrum and the distribution of public TV in the future. Put full emphasis on 2nd screen and VOD, do not get stuck in the past of linear channels:  these will serve a purpose in 10 years from now but a gradually decreasing one, and rather than more there will be fewer true broadcast channels. VOD will be more than 70% of all viewing.

The only other thing we should hope for is some more space for license free applications (wifi etc.).

BBTVnews: EC opens public consultation on UHF band.