Dutch DTT future

The Dutch spectrum is used at the moment for the cheapest basic TV service in the country using a (partial) SFN network. The network (Digitenne) was created 10 years ago and is using DVB-T/MPEG-2 (Generation 1 DTT). The service is gradually loosing subscribers as its owner KPN is luring the customers to IPTV/Fiber services and has increased the price to a still the cheapest (cheaper than analog cable) but not all that cheap level of 10 euro/month. There may be a place for a cheap and cheerful TV service in the Netherlands, but the service will need a technology upgrade in the future. It is questionable whether its current owner KPN is willing to invest in new network and settop box technology (based on presumably HEVC and DVB-T2 or LTE-broadcast technology).

The Dutch government has decided that the 700MHz band should go to mobile applications by 2019; in the light of the above this seems in the general interest; misusing the precious bandwidth for a commercial service of low value is not a good return for the public. But on the other hand: there is a case for a cheap and cheerful TV distribution technology for a new era: LTE-broadcast or IP  “straight-up”?

CSI Magazine: Spectrum blow for Dutch DTT.