Dutch delay HbbTV must-carry enforcement

The article below on BroadbandTVNews gives a reasonable reading of the current non-carry of HbbTV from the public stations on the cable networks of Ziggo and UPC in the Netherlands. It is somewhat of a shame if the suggested tactics are being used by the cable operator to prevent HbbTV being available to customers. Ziggo has a somewhat reasonable claim for their non-carriage: their latest interactive TV common interface module requires the use of the red button to launch interactive VOD applications. The issue is probably trivial to solve if there would be a genuine interest to serve the end customer. The UPC reason is even less clear. Maybe HbbTV itself is not a killer app at this stage, and the public operator catchup TV is already available on the settop boxes (not on TVs with CI+) of these operators for free as part of the most basic subscription, but HbbTV is an important trend in TV services that cable operators should support towards the future. The argument of competition between cable and operator services seems too far fetched in the author’s opinion.

Dutch delay HbbTV must-carry enforcement.