CI Plus

What is common Interface Plus

Common Interface Plus has been developed by a consortium of 6 companies (Philips, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, SmarDTV and Neotion) to allow a new generation of TVs to receive PayTV services without a settop box. This reduces cost for operators and appeals to many customers. DVB had taken over further technical development of CI-Plus, while licensing and certification terms are set by CI-Plus LLP.

Consultancy Services

UC-Connect is offering consultancy services in the domain of Common Interface Plus deployment for Operators and Implementation for Receiver Manufacturers. It’s expertise is founded on a full participation background in the CI Plus consortium from its early start till end of 2008 on both technical, commercial and legal matters and further as representative in the DVB CI-Plus standards committee in 2011-2012.

Free Executive Report for Operators:

UC-Connect is offering a free executive report for Operators that explains the basic operation, the opportunity offered by CI Plus and how to deploy in a way that is consistent with the operator’s strategy. It is available on requestfor operators and affeliated companies with a short note on the nature of your interest.

Free Implementation Guideline Report for Receiver Manufacturers.

At the same time UC-Connect has addressed the intricacies of implementing CI Plus in TVs and other types of receivers with an extensive 14 page guideline report, addressing basic operation, special features, implementation, business and legal issues. It is available for free by filling in this form.

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