New STB energy accord in USA

There is a new energy accord in the USA. As usual it is little and late with these voluntary measures. The worst being that 2/3 of all energy the boxes use is in “idle” state (no active use) while only 50% of that energy will be saved. Of course the box should have its processor ready to react to inputs from the environment, but that should be possible with today’s standards while limiting power consumption much more. Just have a look in your left hand: right: that phone is doing a great job, even decoding HD video, and not consuming even 10% of the STB. In short: it is a matter of putting more energy into the design of the hardware and software of the boxes. The hardware is largely equal, so it is (mostly) the software stupid!

The expectation is that this will blow over the ocean to Europe as well, as did a previous US accord.


STB energy accord set to save $1bn p.a. | Advanced Television.