M-Net steps up war on DTT encryption

This is an interesting case of open network versus private network interest. Multichoice (PayTV) does not want the standard settop boxes to have CA because it enables a competitor (e-TV) to run their business. Of course it is a valid question to ask “which CA”? And the actual choice is hardly ever a neutral onI. In some Nordig countries (Finland specifically) this was done with Conax in the past; all PayTV operators have equal access to the CA system.

The argument used by Multichoice may be valid: many CA systems have a cost for embedding. But the business model can usually be shifted to pricing the smartcard. Maybe a valid question is whether the access rights to the CA system are reasonable and equal, and.or whether Multichoice has a good erason to wish to select another CA or at least not the same CA as the standard one. The article gives to little background on these questions.

M-Net steps up war on DTT encryption.