About UC-Connect

Mission Statement

UC-Connect is a company that offers services that allow Consumer Electronics (CE) products to work seamlessly with services offered for such products and/or with other Consumer Electronics products.
Today’s products are services are increasingly complex. All of us have experienced the daunting experience of connecting two Consumer Electronics devices, or connecting a device to a service, and finding out these do not work together properly. Sometimes problems can be fixed by changing the product at the retailer, but more often than not we give up.

UC-Connect aims to create a better experience in the connection of products and services by creating a efficient collaboration platform between the different market parties on all aspects of products and services that are relevant to the end-user.


UC-Connect is based on experience built up over many years. Some visible standards programs in which UC-Connect employees were involved are:

  • HD-logo series: indicating the HD qualities of displays and digital receivers
  • EICTA E-Book: a common specification for a euopean digital terrestrial receiver
  • EICTA C-Book: a common specification for a european digital cable receiver
  • DVB-SSU standard
  • CI Plus standard

Founding Ownership

UC-Connect was founded in 2009 by Marnix Vlot and is privately owned.

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