Cloud DVR is better than a box

Cloud PVR has many advantages over box based PVR. The nscreemmedia article below mentions these:

  • Cloud storage does not break – so no loss of customer at that point.
  • Easy upgrade of features
  • Try before you buy marketing
  • Lower storage cost (especially if joint copies are permitted)

There are a few that may be even more important that seem to have been overlooked:

  • Smartphone programming while box is off
  • In-hone streaming (only the latest greatest in-home PVRs can transcode and decently stream over modest wifi)
  • Deployable on all basic boxes (no need to swap boxes)
  • Content search/navigation integration with other on-demand content services (catchup TV, replay-TV, SVOD etc)


Source: Four reasons cloud DVR is better than a box – nScreenMedia

Linear is dead, long live non-linear

The pundits are predicting it, and hard figures so far show a rise in non-linear video consumption; but that did not prove non-linear would finally dominate. And vested managers are suggesting it is “add on” to linear.

But now hard figures are emerging that in the Netherlands already more than 60% of video is watched non-linear. The age category difference is also there.

The end of the TV channel? Maybe, but the shift will be the biggest change in the TV industry the coming 5-10 years: that’s for sure.

Living in the Netherlands it is clear young people use PCs etc. to watch online content (lot of it illegal). Kids also use smartphones. They do not stream conventional TV channels, though that is available. And myself: moving to PVR mostly, tired of adds and not letting my time schedule be controlled by the program guide. Netflix is quite popular. Youtube also.

Source: 61% of Dutch viewing time is non-linear