Monetization of digital premium video content soars in 2014

Here some interesting though somewhat difficult to understand statistics based on a report by Videomind. The trends are interesting: some seem very fast but this indicates inmature developments just taking off.

Some key facts:

  • especially growth in long form streaming
  • TV everywhere is growing 600% (after a very slow start: less than 30% of HH say they are moderate users)
  • 240% growth in streaming time to connected devices
  • OTT device viewing is still small but growing faster and has overtaken tablets for viewing, driven mostly by longform content

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Monetization of digital premium video content soars in 2014.

Report from FreeWheel

Link to eMarketer TV Everywhere trends article


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nScreenNoise – the decline in TV viewing

Colin Dixon on nscreenmedia is discussing some of the recent findings in consumer research on the move towards TV moving online. Millennials are leading the way.


The new “insight” is that 2015 is a “watershed year”. It seems though that there are also less earth-shattering research results. But let’s be careful”things are moving, so we need to be prepared that in such fluent times that consumer research results are not always consistent. But things are definitively in flux. Have a look at his video report on the link below.

nScreenNoise – the decline in TV viewing – nScreenMedianScreenMedia.

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