CA DRM 2014 on Advanced Television

The environment of content delivery and redistribution protection systems is changing quickly. There is a long (1 hour) video session on Advanced TV led by Nick Snow from Advanced Television with participation from Christopher Schouten from Nagra, Leonid Sandler from NDS/Cisco, Ole Hansvoil from Cryptography Research and Tom Jahr from Conax.

ATV DRM 2014

The whole video session is one hour. It is really worthwhile if you are seriously involved in security technology applications. For those that cannot spare the time here is a of key takeaways:

  • Piracy is moving from service access to content only to redistribution, password/account sharing and jailbraking.
  • Key ladders and Trusted Execution environments and other hardware techniques on SOCs are providing a solid basis for protection for new devices, also second screen devices.
  • The software on top is a crucial part however.
  • Watermarking and fingerprinting can be used to trace leaks but there are still legal holes to shut customers down.
  • The second screen trend is important and it stresses the trusted security model of “managed devices”.
  • UHDTV permits the building of a new distribution ecosystem. Movielabs spec’s seelct that distrubition shall only happen to managed devices.
  • Pirates are good at filling the needs of customers. They have no rights issues that constrain them. But they also need to generate money. A new model is advertising.
  • Making sure legal alternatives are available is an important way to prevent piracy.
  • Standards help innovation but core security technologies needs they own track of innovation to combat pirates.

CA DRM 2014 | Advanced Television.