Austria’s Simpli TV goes live Monday

Broadband TV News article announcing a new DTT service. DTT lives: here is good news about a rejuvenated DVB-T2 HD but not totally free to air offer in Austria. Competing with cable and satellite at the low end. Let’s see if they can carve out a market.

    Neotion SimpliTV CAM

BroadbandTVNews: Austria’s Simpli TV goes live Monday.


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US second screen usage disappoints

Interesting findings on 2nd screen use with TV; though it is a little dangerous to use unqualified findings in such kind of research. Key conclusions: people use a 2nd screen a lot but do not use specific 2nd screen apps. So the 2nd screen is used for what it is good at: being very interactive, and follow up on stuff the viewer found on the big screen, not really to do serious interaction with the content.

But it is recommended that people who have serious stakes in this business understand the background of the research: results could depend on simple issues like how many people had access to such an application and good is it.

BroadbandTvNews: US second screen usage disappoints.

NPD Press release on the report.

Linkedin discussion on this topic: here.

Network DVR trends

Somewhat vague Videonet article pointing to the highly influential direction of Network PVR as a key function where operators can add value in the chain. Key added values of nPVR mentioned are:

  • Reduced CPE cost (yawn)
  • No CPE: STB “in the cloud” (better thinking)
  • Watch on any device (yes please)
  • Mix with catchup and VOD (good, but more a UI issue)

Key obstacle is and remains the rights situation, though the broad industry push may help get that resolved over the coming years; with some added value back to the content owner (presumably  this will cause a value shift towards higher value content). Of course the content owners will want more money, it will simply mean they will sell less low value content.

More network DVR, more cloud, and still more CPE? | Videonet

More network DVR, more cloud, and still more CPE? | Videonet.

And here is another modest quality article on the same topic:

Cloud PVR spreads over Europe

Note that cloud PVR is used by KPN in the Netherlands on a large scale on their IPTV network where it has the added advantage of resolving the bottleneck of modest quality ADSL lines, and Ziggo (Dutch cable operator) is also deploying this now.


Pilot to test 4G TV interference

The more tight sharing of UHF spectrum between mobile and TV can lead to interference issues, mostly from mobile base stations and handsets – depending on the precise frequency arrangements, onto stationary TV. This specifically occurs with higher power signals, which tend to reduce the effectiveness of tuner selectivity in receivers. Theoretical studies were done proving this problem is difficult to manage while using the spectrum efficiently. Frequency selective filters on TV antenna inputs (suppressing the mobile signals) can reduce the problem. Currently there is a trial ongoing in the UK to get more feedback from real life situations: i.e. maybe things are not as bad as they seem and maybe there were a few issues that the specialists forgot about.

Pilot to test 4G TV interference.

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